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PToholics Anonymous

This WebSite is intended for people approaching PToholics Anonymous for the first time. In it we have tried to answer the questions most frequently in the minds of newcomers-the questions that were in our minds when we first became aware of our social identity paradox.

It is okay for member PToholics to return once in awhile to reinforce their resolve of proudly remaining a PToholic.

Apparently, since the first of Y2K, a new social disorder is sweeping the nation. This behavior is being brought on by the introduction of a new style of personal transportation (PT) that goes beyond any other form in recent past. People who first see the PT Cruiser, in print or in person, will either be addicted then and there, or not. It's a strange phenomenon that hasn't occurred in the United States since the sixties when the "Bug" finally bit alot of people, in addition to the Mustang. It's taken thirty years to rid the nation of this social disorder, but now, it is slowly reappearing as more and more PT Cruisers come off the assembly line and are delivered to owners in waiting.

Are you a PToholic? Can you Be Helped?

The success of this WebSite will be determined by its ability to reach out and help the problematic PToholic recognize his or her weaknesses and begin the road to recovery. Our success will be further compounded when the recovered PToholic passes along the story of his or her own PT addiction, describes the resolution he or she has found in PTA.

The center of the suggested program of personal recovery is contained in our FOUR step program describing the experience of earlier PToholic members who have proclaimed their addictions to the world.

1. We admitted that we were powerless over the influences of the PT Cruiser - that our lives had become unmanageable.
2. Came to beleive that a power greater than ourselves was in control.
3. Admitted to the PT enthusiast community, ourselves, and to the world the exact nature of our social disorder by proclaiming your membership in the PToholics Anonymous.
4. Having had an awakening as the result of these steps, we will try to carry the message to other PToholics and to practice sensibility in all our affairs.

Newcomers are not asked to accept or follow these four steps in their entirety if they feel unwilling or unable to do so.

You are asked to keep an open mind, to visit often your favorite PT enthusiast or club sites at which recovered PToholics often describe their experiences in forums thus achieving an enlightened state of mind.
PTA members will usually emphasize to newcomers that only problematic PToholics themselves, individually, can determine whether or not they are in fact PToholics.
At the same time, it must be pointed out that Doctors at 90 out of a hundred psychological hospitals suggest that PToholism is a 'progressive' social disorder, that you should take it seriously, even if you are in the early stages of the addiction.

PToholism excites people.

If you are an PToholic, and if you continue becoming more of an PT enthusiast, in time you will become even more addicted.

Another PToholic Visits:

PToholics Anonymous no longer exists

Go to the Memorial Page for more info.

If you say you're a PToholic, then you are one like John Abella says he is!
If you GRIN alot,
you might be a PToholic.

If you go to alot of PT Cruiser car shows, meet and greets, or other events.
you might be a PToholic.

If you got so many PT Cruiser diecasts to play with or admire that you no longer watch TV
you might be a PToholic.

If you wear your PT Tee shirts often.
you might be a PToholic.

If you spend every last nickle you have customizing your PT.
You might be a PToholic.

If you add flames on your PT.
You might be a PToholic.

If you buy a Dream Cruiser.
You might be a PToholic.

If you have a neon glow on your PT.
You might be a PToholic.

If you purchased the Chrome Package
You might be a PToholic.

If you buy or trade in your old PT for a New Turbo model
You might be a PToholic.

If you are planning to get a PT Drop Top soon
You might be a PToholic.